Check out the love notes from these AMAZING women (& men).

Hi AGoddess, thank you for the Book of Solutions. My husband and I really needed this. We could never be on the same page but this book changed it all. It held us accountable to what we each said to each other. Our marriage became what it was suppose to be full of love, honor and respect. Love you!



AGoddess, your book has really helped me to apply daily prayers for each of my children's lives differently. I can see results. Continued success and love.

Love you!



Hi AGoddess, my nephew and I completed the 40 Days of Prayer yesterday and I'm expecting great testimonies. Thank you for the book and challenge. Although my son is 41, I included him anyway. I showed the book to co-workers and how they can get their copy. I'm starting over from day one.

Love you




AGoddess, Your Prayers, Affirmations and Life Advice That You Have Given Me Throughout Business and Friendship has Gotten Me Through Some of My Worst Times. Your Encouraging Word and Sometimes Laughter Keeps Me Grounded and Moving Forward in My Life and Business! I Look Forward To More Years Together!!!




I have been blessed to know and spend time with AGoddess. I was her personal assistant for a year. During this season of closeness she became my life-coach, my motivator and has been the one who encouraged me to turn my "Pain into Power". Some days I felt like I wasn't good enough to move forward from my expired marriage and losing my job due to my injury, losing my vehicle to repossession then almost losing my daughter to depression and suicide, I was in a bad place physically, emotionally, financially and mentally. Coaching with AGoddess is the best thing I could have ever done for my life. It allowed her to pour into my spirit with her prayers and her wisdom has help bring valuable back to my life. Her love and support lifted me. She helped me regain my self-esteem and self-confidence and has encouraged me to write my book. She was there every step of the way cheering me on. AGoddess set me up with her Organizations editor and publisher. She has coached me through my pain and taught me how to love myself so that I could attract people into my life who truly loved me. I am forever grateful because I have learned to love again. 



I am blessed beyond measure to have AGoddess as my life coach. The sound advice and encouraging affirmations that she has given me has allowed me to raise my vibrations to a higher level. I no longer give energy to negative situations but instead send positive energy to everything in my life. This paradigm shift has allowed me to enjoy life more abundantly while not sweating the small stuff. I will forever be grateful to AGoddess for teaching me how to sow positive seeds in me and my family's life. Thank you AGoddess for walking out your life's purpose and helping me to find mine. Many blessings to you. Much love, Ammara Ahmad 💚🌻💛




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